A young man entered the room. He seemed startled. Perhaps his first time.

– How do you do my dear? – the healer asked.
– Fine, thank you. – a tiny bit blushed man replied.


– How can I help you?

The man looked at him, then at his firmly closed palms, then back at the healer and with all gathered power he said:
– I have this problem. I have a polish girlfriend, who cooks great, but since I am Portuguese I hate that food. I have enough of it. I asked her few times to cook portuguese style but she still cooks mostly polish stuff. I am so uphold with it, you cannot imagine. I love her but polish potatoes, buckwheat and pierogi are breaking it all between us. Also there is too much of this food at our place, it piles up. – the man poured out his worries, his face full of disgust.
– I understand. – the healer said calmly.


– So you want to enjoy the food she cooks?
– Yes! Exactly. Finally!
– And you love her?
– Well yes, ofcourse.


– I will heal the situation. But under one condition.
– What’s the condition? I will do anything!
– You need to apply exactly and precisely what I prescribe.
– Ok, that is not a problem! – he smiled widely.

The healer started scribbling something on a piece of small paper. It took a while. The man could not understand one thing looking at the paper upside down.

The healer folded the prescription and handed it to the young man.
– Here is your first prescription. You need to come back in a month. Do exactly what it says. Don’t come earlier.
– Thank you! You are saving my relationship. – the man held healer’s hand firmly and stepped out.

Just as he was stepping out he thought „Did he say 'Don’t come earlier?'”

First month

Young man was sitting at one of the corridor seats. He looked sad and depressed. And a little sweaty. And a little pissed, yet also resigned.

The healer opened the door and looked at him with an inviting, warm smile.

They sat opposite each other in the dark room. The healer asked:
– So how do you feel?
The man looked at him with anger.
– I regret I agreed to this. How could you do this to me? What was it for? My liver is hardly functioning! I am in pain and have no interest in sex anymore! What did you do to me?! I prefer to not eat anything than keep eating only McDonalds! It’s disgusting… Can’t believe I made new friends at work with builders… I can’t believe they eat this way!


– Ok. I understand.


– I mean, can you fix my original problem? I want my gf to cook Portuguese food, so I can enjoy it!

– I will fix this. You need to promise me one thing though.
– Yes of course, anything.
– You will stick to the next prescription in all honesty.

Silence. The man staring at the healer staring calmly back.
– Ok. I trust your experience so I’ll do it.

The healer started scribbling unreadable words.

The time was passing by and the man felt relieved. He was hoping this time the healer won’t screw him over and got the point.

– Here is your prescription. Take it and come in a month.
– Thank you. I appreciate.
– Just remember to stick to it in all honesty.

The man held healer’s hand less firmly as a question popped up in his head what „in all honesty” meant.

Second month

The man was pounding his feet over the floor outside healer’s office. He seemed thinner on his face.

The healer came out with a warm, inviting smile, as usual. The man rushed into his office, disappointment was in the air.

The healer sat and looked into the man’s eyes.
– As you can see I feel terrible. I am 8 kg thinner.
– I see.
– I don’t judge your methods but there is no point to this starvation. My girlfriend is unhappy with me, she loved to cook for me and she could cook only for herself the whole last month or for my parents or their friends. Oh they were enjoying, asking her to cook pierogi and things. And I was a total outsider to all this!!! – the man was pissed. – And to top it off last week I could not work, I was too weak to do anything. I had to stay home and sniff the delicious food she was cooking! Why are you making me so miserable? I just wanted to eat Portugese food – not to get sick, neither skinny.
– I understand.

The healer looked at his notes. It said „Wants to enjoy the food his girlfriend cooks. He loves her.”

– I have last prescription for you. – the healer started scribbling.
– Thank God for that. – said the man.
The healer looked at him and the man got scared.
– I mean I cannot wait for final results. – he corrected himself quickly.

The healer folded the prescription and handed it over.
– Come in 2 months. – he said.

The man was trembling taking that last paper. Anything could happen.

Fourth month

The young man was sitting in corridor holding his wife’s hand.

The healer came out with a warm smile and showed the entrance doors, with an inviting gesture. The couple came in and sat in front of the healer.

– So how are you? – the healer looked at both of them.
The man looked at his wife.
– We couldn’t be happier. – he smiled. – We got married. My wife started a polish restaurant – it is a hit! And it is all thanks to you. She cooks now for the guests and they are very impressed. I love her, I am always fed and feel so much better than before.

The wife looked at the healer. A thankful feeling was dancing in her heart.

– I am very happy for you both. – the healer smiled. – You are healed now. Don’t come to me anymore.

They got up and left.

„And thank God for that” – the healer thought.

And they lived happily ever after.

The end.